The Humans for the Arts program includes music, drama, dance, visual arts and their applications into self-generated performance. Classes are free and will be held once a week; a detailed monthly class schedule will follow.


Due to the ongoing event, classes will currently be conducted online via Zoom. However, in the future, we are planning to be working in person as soon as possible. The program will also take place at different performing art schools, liberal arts colleges, theaters, and acting studios.


A performance night at the end of the course provides students with an opportunity to present their work. This also gives an opportunity for volunteers and supporters to witness the impact our curriculum has within the community. In addition, industry professionals will attend the performances. This creates a practical work experience for the youth as people from the industry like managers, casting directors and professional agents attend.

Self-reflection class that includes self-generated work through collaboration with professional artists. This class promotes empathy, self-awareness and greater understanding of others.

“I Am Who I Am” class is a unique and original class that allows the students to adjust to all of the skills they learned in the other classes. Students are able to express themselves through their emotions, circumstances and viewpoints. This is a big step to succeed as an artist as well as a human being.

Master classes with industry professionals will include professional working actors and well-known artists. Students will be able to meet people who come from similar backgrounds or people they see on stage or television. This increases motivation, inspiration, and consciousness of their personal value to continue to study the arts.